The Culture of Things podcast - The Importance of Self-care for Leaders

August 23, 2020

What an honour to be invited to be a guest on The Culture of Things podcast, a platform used to discuss all things culture, leadership and teamwork across business and sport. This opportunity has given me the chance to chat on a topic I feel very strongly about which is the importance of self-care for leaders.

My conversation with Brendan Rogers, host of The Culture of Things podcast, concentrates on my leadership philosophy of being present and focused on supporting the team. Drawing on inspiration from my sporting background, the conversation centers around my belief that following a rest and recovery routine will ensure you operate at your best when your team needs you.

Experience has taught me that if you continually grind for weeks, or even months at a time, you risk developing injuries and your performance won’t peak when it counts. It requires a high level of energy to inspire a team, as the alternative, being agitated, tired and frustrated, isn’t going to instill the confidence or trust that you have ‘got their back’.

Click here to hear the full episode about the start of my leadership journey and the experiences which has shaped who I am today.

What do I mean when I talk about self-care and how do I set boundaries to achieve these personal goals, especially when working from home during the age of covid-19? Join Brendan and I over at The Culture of Things podcast to learn more!

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